Pet Weight Loss

We think healthy weight loss is so important as part of over all pet care. One of our clients reached his target weight loss of 7kg. Nero's has kept a blog (aka dlog) and is worth the read...

Hi people, welcome to my diet blog or dlog as I put it. Hope you find my weight loss experience interesting in case you have to do this type of thing for yourself.

I am a male cattle dog-labrador cross and am currently 7 years old. I look like a very overweight, black cattle dog. I'd always kept a reasonably healthy shape but when my kennel mate moved in we started swapping feed bowls and my owners would spoil me with day to day tit bits. I would also sneak in and steal the cat's food (naughty me eh?)

Over the last couple of years I managed to tip the scales to 36.4kg. I'm supposed to be around 29.5kg.

I get daily long walks and games and regular worming and vaccinations but as I'm getting older, carrying extra weight is not good for me in the long term. I needed a diet of low fat, sustainable tucker that fills me up without packing on the weight.

Am I a Dubbo Doggy Biggest Loser? No, I am a hub of the west, Healthy Lifestyle Hound.

Follow my journey and join me in my quest to reach 29.5kg.

Bow for now people, N xo

Pic right: Before Dieting begins. Note absence of rib cage and thick set all over the body, no tapering at the base of chest area and unable to feel rib cage when running hands along body. Car harness is tight when worn to the maximum size for large dogs.

A NOTE FROM DR DUNCAN: Your pet can die prematurely due to excess weight. The biggest thing with carrying extra weight is damage to joints, bones, and ligaments.  In order of incidence, the following diseases can affect overweight pets: shortened life span, heart disease, breathing difficulty, skin disease, liver disease, increased surgical and anaesthetic risk, diabetes, heat intolerance, digestive upsets, reduced exercise tolerance and skeletal and joints problems such as arthritis. 

Approximately 25% of overweight dogs develop serious joint complications.The most common joint affected by overweight dogs is the cranial cruciate rupture of the stifle joint. (Particularly those pets encouraged to perform explosive type exercise like ball chasing) For dogs over 15 kg surgical repair is the treatment of choice and can cost up to $1200-$1500. Also sadly, any joint which suffers premature structural aging and subsequent early onset arthritis, will drastically affect the quality of and shorten, their lives.

Nero has been prescribed 1.5 to 2 cups of a low protein formulation diet. He has ADVANCE ADULT DOG LIGHT for overweight dogs and dogs prone to weight gain. He has to stick to the feed guide (see below) and any kongs or tidbits must be a part of this allowed daily intake. He is not allowed to play explosive games, instead he is to enjoy light yet purposeful exercise. I will see him again in a few months time.

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