Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance can be a responsible choice these days. Pets are considered family members by many. Their pets’ health is as important as anyone else in the household.

For this reason pet health insurance is worth thinking about, even before you buy your pet. When we consider health care for pets has no Medicare, every cent of every bill has to be met by family budgets.


Pet insurance is a safety net for unexpected illnesses and accidents.

It can prevent the heartbreak when loved pets can’t be helped due to financial constraints.

There are different levels of coverage to suit your pets’ age and needs and your budget. Some policies even allow you to claim annual vaccinations, parasite control and heartworm prevention every year. Others can include council registration fees!

Some covers can assist with de-sexing, behavioural therapy, teeth cleaning and microchipping. Other policies offer various excess levels and 100% coverage with no excess is also available. Some have special rates for more than one family pet.

We have clients who have pet health insurance and this is what they say:

Cocker spaniel kennelmates, Kelvin and Misty’s family have had pet health insurance for 15 years.

“We really care about our pets. We prefer to get the necessary attention when our pets need it - especially after hours. We find it very helpful for after hour bills.”

Nip and Mulga’s family have an accident cover.

“It (the premium) is automatically deducted from our account and I don’t even realise the money is gone. It gives us peace of mind.”

There are various premium payment options – fortnightly, monthly and so on, as well as cooling off periods and fast claim turnover processes. There are wellness rebates available and no claim bonuses. Some home and contents policies can include pets.

First of all establish whether you require accident or illness cover or both and how much you can afford. Write out a list of exactly what you expect your policy to cover, then refer to this list as you view the websites. Check the level of excess and/or the percentage of each invoice covered, and the total limits for each conditon. Do you want cover for life or a limited period? Other areas worth consideration are policy exclusions like pre-existing conditions and breed related and congenital conditions. Also waiting periods before you can claim are important to consider.

Please remember to read the product disclosure statements and understand what you are entitled to with the cover you choose, especially the fine print.

The attention paid to what coverage is best for you is worth the time because peace of mind is priceless when you know you have the back up of insurance cover. When you consider the alternative of euthanasia, the investment paid in premiums will return in peace of mind for the whole family – and that is a comforting thing.

* Source: Prosure Pet Insurance
** Source: Pet Insurance Australia

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