Post-operative Care

We plan to build up a comprehensive library of information sheets for the benefit of our recovering patients and their families.

Notes explaining the normal recovery expected are sent home with every recovering patient. If full recovery is delayed, we insist on another night in hospital to ensure every discharged patient is on their feet and able to eat and drink. We recommend a delayed light meal when the pets return home. All clients are encouraged to phone the surgery anytime for reassurance or to allay any concerns.

The best outcomes can only be achieved by clients following the often strict post-operative instructions. E.g. up to 8 weeks strict cage confinement is required after orthopaedic procedures. Remember our pets depend on us for their care particularly after surgical procedures. These are family members which can't understand the importance of strict rest until a bone has healed, similar to the comprehension of toddlers. They will jump if given the option even when such activity can cause potentially more damage than the original injury! The trick is to avoid this situation by not giving them the option. For example: avoid bones after stomach or bowel surgery for 3 months. Or avoid running and jumping for 8-12 weeks after cruciate repair (a common stifle surgery in active large breed dogs).

 Home Care Following Cruciate Ligament Surgery (215 KB)

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